Why is so important to register your company?

16 Oct , 2017  

Have you ever thought why is it so important to register your company? Well, you should know that there are multiple reasons, and if you have doubts if this is the right decision or not, you should read this article. In many countries, people who consider themselves entrepreneurs do not register their businesses. But if you opt for this solution, then you cannot say that your company legally exists. You should not be ignorant, you should check the benefits you will have if you register company in Singapore.

What is a registered company?

If you manufacture certain products, and you have loyal customers, you may not need to establish a company to sell them. The customers will promote your products, and the number of clients will grow in time. Nowadays you even have the possibility to promote your services online, and in this way you will definitely find clients interested in your products. Your clients might refer to your products under a certain name, and they might promote them in this way. But, if someone notices that you are successful, and decides to have a company with the same name and offer products similar to yours? Your clients might be confused, and some of them might not double check to see if you are the provider or not. If you will take the case to court, then you will not have chances to win it, because you have not registered your company.

What options of registration are available?

If you want to make sure that you promote your brand and you do not face this type of issues, you should register your company. If you need help you should contact us now, because you might need the help of a professional to get through the process.

  • You can establish a sole proprietorship company, in case you are the one who owns and operates it. You should know that in this case, you and your company are the one and same thing. You will not have any issues to start this business, because it does not require a large capital. But, you should understand that you will bear the risks of the business by yourself.
  • If you manage your company together with other person, then you can establish a partnership. You should check if the regulations from your region allow you to benefit of limited liability.
  • You can start a private limited liability company, and in this case, your business will be seen as a legal human being. Your business can own a property, can lend and borrow money and can be sued. The properties of the company are different from your assets. Limited liability companies are the most popular forms of businesses people opt for.
  • If you want to trade your shares in the stock exchanges, then you can establish a public limited liability company. In this condition, you can expect to pay more in order to start the company. Make sure to check the regulations of every one of the types of companies, before you decide upon one.



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