What is the Best Management Style?

10 Jan , 2016  

Any business needs to have a good management, in order to work properly, especially in times of crises. Moreover, this is essential for the company in order to become a market leader. Are you wondering what is the best management style? If so, then you must know that there are three exceptional management styles, and by reading this article you will find out which are they.


This style is absolutely perfect for providing a long-term vision and direction as well, for all employees. The manager must definitely be firm and fair at the same time, in order to give to the employees a clear direction. Furthermore, he must motivate them by persuasion. A style like this is effective when the leader is credible, and clear standards and directions are needed. On the other hand, it will not be effective if the employees of the company are underdeveloped, and the leader is not credible at all. Keep in mind that it is essential for the leader to be credible, otherwise, people will not follow your vision if they do not believe in it 100%.


If you are wondering which is the best management style, then this is definitely one of the best ones. By putting it into practice, the tasks will be successfully accomplished. The manager actually performs many tasks personally, and he wants his employees to follow his example. Furthermore, he motivates them only by setting very high standards. A style like this is very effective if the employees are competent and highly motivated, and it is not very effective when coaching and development are required. This management style is one of the most popular ones, applied in lots of companies, and it actually gives wonderful results.


With Affiliative style, you can easily create harmony between the manager and the employees, and among the employees as well. This is very important for any business. By using this management style, conflicts will be avoided, and a good relationship among your employees will be formed. Furthermore, your relationship, as a manager, with them will also be beautifully formed. This wonderful style will be effective only if the manager puts his employees first, and only if he will motivate them by doing everything he can to keep them happy. It is not very effective if there are crisis situation and the performance is not adequate. Keeping your employees happy, will certainly have a positive impact on any business.

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