Want more engaged employees? Encourage them to play 5-a-side football

1 Feb , 2017  


It is no secret that motivated staffs are key to the success of any company. This is why business owners are constantly pondering their heads about how they can stimulate their employees. What they do not realise though is that providing a pay check or bonuses is not enough anymore. You have to make efforts to bring back enthusiasm to the workplace. But how are you supposed to do that? Well, if you genuinely want to motivate your employees, you should encourage them to enter 5 aside tournaments in London. It is true that it is nothing like playing fantasy football, but entering a sports tournament should make your workforce more engaged.  

5-a-side football is a beautiful sport

There are more than 30, 000 football leagues in the United Kingdom, so it is safe to say that this sport is very popular. People not only love cheering for their favourite team, but also scoring as many goals as they can. 5-a-side football puts a lot of pressure on the players, yet it is worth mentioning that this game creates an environment of encouragement. To win the game, one has to push in order to perform better. The reason why people in the UK fancy 5-a-side football is that it is simpler than the traditional version. As a matter of fact, it is easier to kick the ball than to win at fantasy football.  

Why it pays to encourage employees to play 5-a-side football

Encouraging your staff to play football just for the fun of it is worthwhile. Why? Because the ability to have a good time is a bigger motivator than money. Employees who get the chance to enjoy themselves and relieve stress are more likely to perform well at the workplace. Playing 5-a-side football, an hour or so, will definitely result in success in the long run. Studies have shown that staff members who delight in games of this kind perform better psychologically.

What is more they are more motivated to collaborate with others. Football is a team sport and thus requires teamwork. You will not need to look for opportunities to bring your employees together or worry about organisation. Of course, since not everyone fancies kicking the ball around, you cannot make the 5-a-side-football game the only event of the year.

Worried that the 5-a-side football game will cost you time?

Since your workforce will not be able to play 5-a-side football at the office, you do not have to worry about lost working hours. You can hire the pitch for non-working hours. What is certain is that your employees will appreciate your gesture. As a matter of fact, they will be counting the minutes until the business day ends.




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