Use these tips to secure your virtual office

25 Mar , 2017  


More and more start-up companies are choosing to work with virtual office providers. Why? Because this way they can avoid a painful dent in their finances. Running an office in key locations in Singapore is costly and a virtual office provides significant savings. It is not surprising that offices are becoming obsolete. Maybe you know how beneficial it is to have a business location that exists in cyberspace. Maybe you have found the cheapest virtual office Singapore. But is your office space secure? Your employees work from remote locations thanks to their smartphones and computer and the connection may not always be safe. There is the possibility of business data to be accessed by the wrong people. To prevent this from happening, use the following tips.

Do not share contact information with just anyone

You have a professional business address with mail handling and telephone answering. The last thing you should do is give contact information to just about anyone. Unless you know the person very well, it is not a good idea to share contact details. You should hire a professional receptionist. A receptionist knows how to protect essential company information. The administrative assistant will take care of everything from incoming calls to voice mail. You will not have to worry that business data will fall into the wrong hands.

Buy a security software package

Smartphones, tablets and computers are susceptible to viruses and hackers. The main reason why they are susceptible to viruses is the Internet. Employees cannot avoid browsing the web or opening emails. They are a normal part of business. It is possible though to protect your company from viruses and malware. Buy a security software system, just to be on the safe side. Most importantly, keep the software up to date. Hackers have a talent when it comes to exploiting system bugs.

Make sure your employees work from home

One of the benefits of having a virtual office is that your employees can work from just about anywhere in Singapore. Is this really a benefit? If your employees try to get work done at places like Starbucks, you will be at a loss. Public Wi-Fi is dangerous when it comes to business data. Talk with your employees and try to make them understand that connecting to public networks is not safe. If they are reluctant to work in their backyard, at least teach them how to set up a VPN and protect their data.

Establish a strict security policy

For an organisation like yours, it is important to have a strict security policy in place. Give clear guidelines on the use of business information by unauthorised persons. Your employees should never give details like email address to just about anyone. There is no way of knowing whom the information is passed on to. As a matter of fact, you should proceed to update your website too. You need to be able to see every action taken by visitors on the website. Having the latest security updates is just not enough.



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