Things you need to know if you’re running a dairy business

14 May , 2018  

There are milk-processing plants all over the UK. These businesses are the ones that deliver us milk. Dairy production is a profitable business. Running a dairy business doesn’t require magic. It requires devotion. However, you knew what you were getting yourself into. There are very few milk-processing plants in the UK that are successful. If you want to attain a good outcome, then you need to pay attention to the following things.

Milk is usually homogenised

Pasteurisation is critical to the safety and taste buds of the consumers. The process kills microbes, making the milk safe for consumption. Yet, there is another process that can be used to make milk safer. It’s called homogenisation. Homogenisation is the process by which fat molecules in the milk are broken down so that they remain integrated. It’s an exclusively physical process.

Why should you homogenise? Because the process extends the product’s shelf life. This translates into fewer costs for you and enhanced experience for the consumer. Homogenisation improves consistency and taste. Particle size characterization is an excellent way to measure the properties of the milk. Milk is a complex food, which is the reason why you need to measure particle size distribution in homogenised milk. Anyway, you should homogenise.

The right equipment can do wonders

If you want to have a successful dairy business, then you should invest in the right kind of equipment. In terms of supplies, you’ll need:

  • Tractor
  • Trailer
  • Milk cans
  • Milk cooling systems
  • Homogeniser dairy equipment
  • Generator
  • Ropes, chains, and water pipes

It’s essential to have all of the items listed above. There are suppliers out there that can provide you all the equipment required, so you don’t have to search too hard. Make sure that the dairy supplies offer exclusive service, as well as quality.

It’s important to create a feeding plan

Without dairy cattle, you wouldn’t have milk. As you can imagine, you can’t feed the animals just about anything. They need a balanced diet consisting of protein, vitamins, and mineral. It’s recommendable to work with a nutritionist to create ratios for the lactating cows. Test the forages to determine their nutrient content. Equally important is to evaluate how the feeding program has gone.

Unfortunately, many farmers neglect examining the effectiveness of the feeding program. The reason for this is that they are busy doing other things. No matter how busy you may be, make time to evaluate the feeding program. You don’t want your cattle to eat one ration and sort their feed in an excessive manner. When you’re done with the evaluation, communicate the results to a nutritionist.

Milk marketing is practiced

Milk-processing plants don’t rely on word of mouth. They make considerable efforts to market their business. An inexpensive way to promote your business is social media. Facebook and Instagram make it easy to advertise products and services nowadays.  You should give them a try. If you’re willing to make an extra effort, craft and advertisement. Highlight the strengths of your dairy production and post the ad on a classified ads site. It’s as simple as that.



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