The Holy Trinity of Successfully Marketing a Service

20 Feb , 2018  

Marketing a service is considerably more difficult than marketing a product, because of the implications. When it comes to services, if the advantage is not obvious from the beginning, clients may be reluctant when it comes to trying it. Not selling tangible things is difficult because many consumers think that if they can’t touch it, the risks associated with investing in a service are higher. But for a good marketing approach, we have some information below.

Try to create an experience for the consumer

To begin with, you should identify possible issues, problems and complaints your clients might have and try to propose effective solutions. How you promise to solve the consumer’s issues will weight plenty when it comes to marketing. Pack your marketing campaign in such a fashion to illustrate, simulate and propose a solution to your consumer’s issues and pain points. Also, because products have a certain tangible image to be associated with, services tend to be more frequently associated with the company’s CEO and image. So, before anything else, make sure to work on your image as this can be a deal maker or breaker. Keep your reputation impeccable, as reputation management in terms of services may be difficult. Work on your image before working on your service’s image.

Keep in mind that service comparison is difficult

Comparing service vendors is more difficult than comparing product vendors. Your products cannot be physically experienced, touched, don’t have an appealing or unappealing design and this might make it more difficult for your clients to discern between multiple service vendors. They simply have to rely on trust and count on the fact that the promised services will be delivered appropriately. Obviously, you will have to make it easier for your consumers to compare various services, as the experts at this digital marketing Thailand based agency claim. First of all, you have to acknowledge the fact that services cannot be returned, replaced for others, like in product’s case.

Include in your marketing strategy these

Also, in most of the cases, services come with submissions for longer intervals, and terminating those before the agreed-upon term costs plenty. So, make sure to improve the following:

  • Your approach to the people that are part of your target audience. Make their experiences count and your products more appropriate for their needs. Also, evaluate the “face” of your service. Those representing it can be either deal makers or deal breakers.
  • Include some sort of physical evidence. While your services are and will remain intangible, you have to gather all the evidence that they have the potential of improving consumer’s lives. Deliver your service is pleasant ways and make those aware of the physical evidence that these work, and work rather perfectly.
  • Improve internal process flows. The procedures and activity flow in which your company’s services are consumed have to be brought to a state-of-the-art. This will minimize the potential discomfort experienced by the consumer while using your services and will make them more aware of your company’s quality as a whole.

If you have a service and don’t exactly know how to successfully market it, follow these rules. Tested and tried by many service companies, these seem to be the recipe for success.



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