Running a restaurant is simpler than you think

5 Nov , 2018  

You can make a lot of money if you decide to open a restaurant and you manage it good. Taking a lesson from most famous restaurant owners that started low and reached the top by investing their time, effort and patience into it will lead you to success. This short article will teach you more about running a restaurant the easy way. If you think you have all it takes to be a great entrepreneur and you want to start fresh, this is your chance to do it. Here are some details about how to start this journey:

Understand the margins

First of all, you need to handle finances. For that, you can opt for a programvaresystem that will make the job much easier for you. Software programs represent one of the most efficient ways to deal with finances and keep track of your employees and their salaries. Now, a restaurant should generate at least 20% profit. You must set margins that are three times higher than the costs of what you buy for running this restaurant. Learn more about costs and margins so that you can manage your money the right way. Keep in mind that restaurants with a varied menu contain some loss leaders that will cost you a lot. This is why you need to think about your margins well. Desserts are the ones that bring down costs and increase margins. For instance, wine and veal chops cost around 50% off the menu price, which means they won’t generate as much profit.

Break the gross intake down

To break down the gross intake, you must know your investments. If you choose to invest money in a skinnemaskin or other tech upgrades that will make your restaurant more efficient, you must get your money back through higher profit. To better understand that, categorize your gross intake. Around 30% of the gross intake should go on labor costs, which must be paid on time. Another 30% will go on the ingredients for the food you put on the menu and the wine costs, which are more expensive. Around 20% will go on rent, insurance and other details that are directly related to the aspect of your restaurant. Finally, what’s left – which is 20% – will be your profit. It’s up to you how you modify these so that you gain more profit.

Keep up with trends

Using the latest technology in terms of food such as skjærelinjer machines will cost more but will keep your restaurant trendy. Also, play with your menu. Customers prefer restaurants that use meats and other ingredients that are locally sourced, study says. Also, serving healthful kids’ meals will attract entire families to your restaurant. Think of special needs such as gluten-free cuisine or vegan meals for people who are looking for those. Chefs that make efforts to come up with new recipes every now and then and adjust to people’s needs are always more appreciated.



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