Industrial Adhesives – The Key Differences Between Direct Sellers and Middlemen

29 Nov , 2016  

Getting hold of high-quality custom adhesive products for any purpose whatsoever really has never been easier.  Which is of course largely down to the Internet, giving businesses at all levels direct access to more adhesive tape converters than ever before.  Not only this, but there are also hundreds of online sellers who specialise in supplying adhesive products of all types for largely any purpose going.

The thing is though, while these two categories of service provider may appear to be identical, there are in fact key differences between the two.  It is often assumed that as both can supply the products required, it really doesn’t matter which of the two you work with.  In reality however, there are very big differences between the two when it comes to quality, value for money, reliability and so much more besides.

What you are basically looking at is the difference between a product manufacturer and a reseller.  So if you are on the market to pick up custom adhesive products for any reason whatsoever, here are just a few arguments in favour of working directly with the manufacturer itself:

1 – Overall Quality

First up, it is worth considering the fact that when you deal with the actual manufacturer directly, overall quality of the products you purchase can be guaranteed.  Not only this, but the same can also be said for consistency.  When you buy from one specific manufacturer every time, you are assured the same product with exactly the same quality on a consistent basis.  However, when you buy from a third party or reseller, there is every chance that they may supply you with products from a number of different manufacturers.  When this happens, consistency of quality cannot be guaranteed.  Nevertheless, this is an approach followed by many resellers and third party product retailers, in order to keep their own costs as low as possible.

2 – Value for Money

Something else to take into account is the way in which buying directly from the manufacturer almost always means the lowest prices and the very best value for money.  In almost every instance of retail and business in general, the closer the purchase is made to the actual manufacturing of the product, the cheaper the product is.  By contrast, the more third parties and middlemen you include in the chain, the more expensive the product becomes as a result.  The simple fact of the matter is that as third-party resellers have to make money for themselves, it is inevitable that they will increase prices at least slightly to turn a profit.  Even if the price increase is only very minor, it is still additional money you do not have to pay, if you go direct.

3 – Reliable Deliveries

Also worth factoring in is reliability, which is once again something that has a tendency to differ significantly from one supplier to the next.  If you order any product whatsoever directly from the manufacturer, it is simply a case of this one service provider dispatching your order directly to you.  By contrast, if you place an order via a third-party reseller of some kind, they will first have to relay your order to the manufacturer which can cause delays in its own right.  Not only this, but it may also be a case of the products themselves first being dispatched to the reseller and then been forwarded on to you.  Whichever way you look at it, this makes the delivery and distribution process far more complicated than it needs to be.

4 – Problem Solving 

It’s also exactly the same situation when it comes to any questions, queries or problems you may have, further down the line.  While the reseller may be knowledgeable to a certain extent, it is highly unlikely that they will know as much about the products you are ordering as the actual manufacturer.  Which in turn means that they may be required to forward your questions and concerns on your behalf, after which the answers or solutions will once again be relayed through a middleman.  By contrast, when you work with the manufacturer directly, you gain access to their direct aftersales support, as and when it is required.

5 – Essential Consultancy

Last up, one of the biggest benefits of working directly with custom adhesive manufacturers is the way in which they can help and guide you in the first instance, with regard to which products to order.  This can have the most enormous impact on absolutely everything that happens subsequently, ensuring that your business orders and is supplied with only the very best and most suitable products.  When working with a third-party reseller, there is every chance there’s every chance you may miss out on this incredibly valuable consultancy.






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