Industrial Adhesive Suppliers: When to Walk Away From a Deal

1 Aug , 2017  


Once you’ve made your decision as to which adhesive technology manufacturers you want to work with, the last thing you want is to be let down at the last minute. Unfortunately, as this is a competitive industry like every other, there will always be those who operate with considerably higher standards than others.

More often than not, it’s safe to say that those who source bespoke industrial adhesives do so with something of an important purpose in mind.  Which in turn means that the adhesive product in question needs to be of outstanding quality and reliability. Exactly the same also being said for the manufacturer supplying it.

As such, it’s worth being proactive and keeping your eye out for any of the common warning signs that could indicate you’re onto a bum deal. After all, the earlier you determine this isn’t the supplier for you, to quickly you can head elsewhere and get hold of the products you need.

Here’s a brief rundown of just five examples are the kinds of red flag warning signs to be on the lookout for:

1. If Consultancy Is Weak

First of all, there is absolutely no excuse for providing insufficient consultancy from the word go. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t already have to be something of an expert in bespoke adhesive products to order the ideal products for your business. Instead, it should be a case of heading to the manufacturer of your choice, speaking to them about your needs and having them bring to your attention all the various options available. They should be able to tell you what is and isn’t suitable for your company, rather than simply expecting you to already know what you need and how to go about ordering it.

2. If You Suspect a Middleman

If at any point you get the idea you are working with a middleman rather than with the company directly, you might want to think twice about going any further.  In truth, it’s possible for a middleman to provide you with the exact products you require. Nevertheless, it’s only by working directly with the manufacturer that you can expect to gain access to the best possible advice, the most convenient procurement process and the lowest possible prices. Feel free to work with middlemen if you choose to, but in doing so you will deny yourself or access to a wide variety of advantages and perks.

3. If Generic Products Are Offered

The only reason to work with custom adhesive suppliers in the first place is to get hold of custom adhesives for a specific purpose. As such, if at any time you find yourself being offered the kinds of generic adhesives that are available anywhere and everywhere, what’s the point in paying a premium price from a bespoke manufacturer? The whole point of working with these kinds of service providers is to ensure you get hold of the very best products in direct accordance with your needs. After all, if generic products were suitable, you could simply go and pick them up from a standard store.

4. If No Samples Are Available

Unless you want to run the risk of wasting your money on custom adhesive products that are of absolutely no use to you, you need to think about requesting samples beforehand. The vast majority of reputable service providers currently in business practically insist on providing new customers with prototypes and samples, before going ahead with larger orders. Nevertheless, there will always be those who aren’t quite as responsible and are not in the habit of offering samples of any kind. If you find yourself working with a service provider that isn’t willing to offer samples upon request, this probably isn’t a service provider worthy of your time or money.

5. If No Guarantees Are Offered

Last but not least, it’s exactly the same story with guarantees as you need to know that your money is safe. It’s one thing for the manufacturing question to tell you their products are great – it’s another thing entirely for them to guarantee it outright. You should be offered sufficient assurances that the products you are provided with are suitable for the purpose for which they were intended and represent the best possible value for money. If not, you might as well find any manufacturer that is willing to offer the necessary guarantees.




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