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How to survive an office remodel

14 Jan , 2019  

If you have a lease for your office, then you should always know when the expiration date is, because you want to make sure that you have found another place where to move, to continue your work. It is important the office space to fit your budget and work requests. There are multiple aspects you should take in consideration when you decide what your future office space will be, because the leasing contract will keep your there for around a year. In case you want to stay, you should ask yourself what improvements you could bring the space to make it more comfortable. However, we all know that it is quite difficult to survive an office remodel, because many things have to be checked. Here are some tips that will help you keep your sanity during the process.

Make room for improvements

In case your office is not very spacious, you should make sure that it is enough space for the workers to do their job. You should take your belongings out, and take them to one of the storage units Halifax, and have a small vacation until the space is ready. In case you have a larger office space, then it is advisable to complete one floor at the time. This is a plan that will minimise your discomfort.

Decide what the budget for the project is

First, you have to understand that you cannot anticipate the exact cost of the remodelling project; some costs will be unexpected according to the issues the constructors will find. But the golden rule of these projects is to keep around 10% of the budget for unexpected expenses, because you do not want to experience a situation when you are not able to cover the costs. Make sure that you hire a professional constructor to handle the project, because it will bring you peace of mind.

Decide what your expectations are

You have to decide what expectations you have when it comes to the way the space will look after it is remodelled, because it is crucial the constructor to know exactly what you want. In case multiple persons are using the space, it is important to discuss with them, because many people become anxious when it comes to changes. They have to know from the beginning what to expect from, because you do not want the change to have a negative impact.

Make sure you know what on-site work the project requires

The main challenge people experience when they have to remodel an office is that they do not know what the infrastructure of the space allows them to do and what does not. According to its infrastructure, the constructor will decide if they can meet all your requirements or not. It is important to have the complete set of architectural and engineering documents. Offer them pictures of the site before asking them to visit it, to tell you if they can do the changes or not. Also, ask them to come on site and check it, to offer you a quote on the price of the project.



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