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How to surprise your employees on their birthdays?

31 Oct , 2018  

If you are running a small company, then it is quite easy for you to recognise your employees’ milestones and accomplishments. When your company will grow, you will find difficult to keep up with these aspects, and you will slowly start to consider that your employees are not doing anything special. When you run a small company, it is simple to show your employees you appreciate them, you only have to celebrate their birthdays. If you want to have happy employees you should do your best to recognise their birthday, even when your business will grow. It does not mean that you have to throw a party for every birthday, but you can do something to tell them that you have not forgot about their birthday. Here are some ideas on how you can surprise your employees for their birthday.

Something sweet

People love to receive treats for their birthdays. You can offer your employees something sweet, like chocolate, peanut butter, chip cookies or even a cake. An amazing idea is to offer them a candy bar, because in this way they can celebrate their birthday together with their colleagues. If you do not know, what chocolate products to put in their birthday bags you should ask their colleagues if they know what their preferences are for sweets.

Decorate their desk

When someone celebrates their birthday at the office, you should show them that you appreciate the fact that they are working hard. You can collaborate with the entire team, and you can print photos of your favourite moments at the desk. Also, you can use some balloons and banners to decorate the desk and to make it look more festive.

Offer them a gift card

Another great idea to celebrate one of your employees’ birthday is to offer them a gift card. Ask their colleagues what their favourite store is and offer them a gift card to make shopping. Another idea is to offer them a gift card for Starbucks, if you know that they are passionate about coffee. If they are active persons, then a gift card for a gym or for an activity like rock climbing or paintball is a great idea.

Give them the day off

Sometimes the best way to show them your gratitude is to offer them the day off. They have the opportunity to celebrate with their friends and family, and they will definitely love your surprise. You can change the birthday surprise every year.



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