How to Properly Equip an Office Kitchen

3 Oct , 2015  

In order to make it a functional and comfortable space, the office kitchen must include some useful appliances that will enable you and your employees or coworkers to enjoy spending time at the office. Here is a list of the appliances that every office kitchen must be equipped with in order to become a proper place for a lunch break.

The coffee maker

You can’t have an office kitchen without a coffeemaker that will help you and your coworkers wake up in the morning and have a fresh start for the day. Choose a classical version that brews coffee the traditional way using either ground coffee or beans that it grinds before brewing. This model from KitchenAid that features a programmable timer can brew 12 cups at a time, making it a great addition to an office kitchen, for only $69.

The refrigerator

Any kitchen must have a refrigerator that will keep the food fresh all year round and the beverages cool during the summer. Your office kitchen might not be as large as a regular kitchen so a small size refrigerator will be the perfect addition. Depending on the number of employees that will be using the fridge, opt for either a 1.6 cu. ft. or a 3.2. cu. ft model that will offer you the necessary refrigerating space. The RCA Igloo model is a great choice for an office as it’s compact while spacious enough to meet the needs of people working in the same place. It has a low consumption, it’s easy to clean, and it features an adjustable thermostat to set the desired inside temperature. Plus, it only costs $154.

The microwave oven

Another must-have appliance for your office kitchen is the microwave oven that will allow your coworkers to prepare or to reheat their meals. You can also opt for a compact version that doesn’t necessary have to include a wide range of features but it must be reliable and durable enough to last in intense use. The Kenmore 73093 is a good option because it’s small, easy to use and clean, boasts a stylish design and offers all the necessary cooking options at a reasonable price of $100.

The dishwasher

If space allows you, equip your office kitchen with a compact dishwasher such as a counter or a drawer model. This type of dishwasher offers all the benefits of a full-size version with the added advantage that it saves space. With this appliance, you will avoid having the sink full of dirty dishes and you will also save water while washing the dishes. You can opt for the SPT model that is space-saving, economical, stylish and comes with 6 washing cycles for the price of only $220.

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