How to motivate your employees during the big holidays – An easy guide

26 Apr , 2018  

Motivating your employees has never been a child’s play, but properly managed, you can surely turn them into more productive and loyal individuals. The steps that you take don’t have to be complex, and the rewards don’t have to be expensive. A small attention might go a long way, in fact. Below are some amazing suggestions that will help you and your employees find the necessary motivation during the holiday season.

Plan charitable activities

Sometimes, employees love to feel that they are part of something bigger and better than themselves or the company that they’re working for. They want to know that all their efforts matter for more people and that the company has other goals than simply making profits. A charitable activity, regardless of the targeted group will help you grow closer to your employees and they will feel fulfilled. Discuss with them which are some causes that you can help or simply do a google search for such activities in your area. They will surely love an initiative of this kind.

Plan a small gift exchange

While everybody enters the holiday spirit, it’s difficult to keep them motivated and ready to work. However, you could organize a small gift exchange at the office, and everybody should also receive a small attention from the company. No matter we’re talking some small Christmas sacks filled with chocolate delicacies, whether we’re talking some other attention, these will be more than welcome by your employees and they will certainly end up feeling appreciated and cared for.

Allow them a more flexible schedule in that period

Employees have an increased need of flexibility. People need to purchase gifts and other attention for their loved ones, and generally, all the shops are closed after they finish their schedule. By allowing them to have an hour free during the schedule you enable them to manage with increased success their shopping list and increase the overall productivity your employees have. A stressed employee is an unproductive one. This can be easily avoided.

These are three incredible tricks that will help you boost your employee’s productivity during the holiday season and some methods to make them feel appreciated and cared for. Make sure to explore the other options that you have and you’ll end up having positive feedback from all of them.



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