How to Keep an Office Allergen Free

4 Aug , 2015  

Given how much time you spend at the office, it’s important to keep it a clean and safe environment that will not pose a risk to your health. The allergens that often gather at the office are your main concern when it comes to health risks so check our advice in keeping your office allergen free.

Avoid desk clutter

A desk covered in papers and office supplies will always hide a lot of dust that is the main allergen to trigger allergies from the smallest to the most dangerous ones. Therefore, keeping your desk clean and organized will not only make you a careful person nut it will also keep you away from allergies. Clean your desk regularly, throw away all the unnecessary papers and wipe the dust using a damp cloth so you won’t spread it into the air.

Clean the air

Nothing is as effective in cleaning the air as the air purifier that filters the indoor air and removes all the harmful particles that trigger allergies. Particles like dust mites, dander, fungus, bacteria, and pollen travel through the air and often cause unpleasant allergies, especially in crowded places such as the office. An air purifier manages to capture those particles, leaving the air clean and safe for breathing.

Adjust the air humidity

A moist air is the perfect growing environment for harmful mold spores that can cause not only allergies but also dangerous asthma. If your office has air humidity issues and you spot mold signs or the air seems too wet to breathe, it’s time you resort to the help of a device called a dehumidifier that adjusts the level of humidity in the air. The dehumidifier absorbs the air, runs it through a cooling chamber that captures the water vapors, and releases dry and purified air back into the room. This way, there will be no more mold spores to threaten your health.

Clean the air conditioning

It’s likely that your office has an air conditioning system that has many filters and ducts that require regular cleaning and replacing in order to prevent them from spreading allergens into the air. Large amounts of dust gather on filters and ducts in the air conditioning system and you must clean and replace them in time so the dust won’t reach into the air in your office.

Keep the floors clean

In order to prevent allergens from reaching into the air, make sure you don’t let them gather on the ground, which is where dust and bacteria often appear. Keep the floors clean by vacuuming them so the dust won’t rise and use a wet mop at the end of the day to make sure no dust remains on the floors.

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