How to improve your business’ cash flow

19 Apr , 2017  

Cash flow is of paramount importance for a business. The ability to generate positive cash flow offers you protection from loan defaults or foreclosures. Additionally, the cash flow can influence your business decisions. For example, the financial reports are a solid base for getting credit. Sustaining business cash flow is difficult. Even large companies in London have problems with their finances from time to time. If you have cash flow problems – or not – here is what you can do.

Outsource credit control  

Outsourcing credit control is a great way to maximize your cash flow. A credit control team ensures late invoice collection in London, so you can be sure that your clients will pay on time. The credit control team provides debt chasing and can assist with things like promoting good credit among customers. The credit control team makes sure that products or services are provided only to customers who are able to pay and that they pay on time. To have a healthy business, outsource a way to collect overdue invoices and debts.

Replace old equipment

To maintain a cash flow for daily operations, consider replacing the old equipment. It takes up a great deal of space, not to mention that it is no longer efficient. Let us not forget about the countless repairs. Many businesses make the transition from desktops to laptops. Others go so far as to move to mobile devices. If your equipment is out-dated, you should have it completely replaced. To recover some of your money, sell it.

Come up with a pricing strategy

Chances are that you are providing products or services below the market price. Just to be certain, check out your competition. Their prices are higher, aren’t they? If your prices are too low, people will think that your products or services are low quality. Create a pricing strategy that allows you to raise prices periodically without increasing operational costs.

Offer early payment discounts

Invoicing is a difficult process, but you have to make efforts to convince your customers to pay their bills on time. What you can do is offer early payment discounts. Incentives for early payments will encourage your customers to pay sooner. Compensations can take the form of certificates or gifts.


As you can see, there are many ways to increase your cash flow. They are not quick fixes, but long –term changes. Improving cash flow should be your main priority.



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