How to Design a Home Office in Your Attic

8 Jan , 2015  

The attic of your house can be turned into a functional space with minimum effort and minimum investment if you know how to choose the design wisely. If you run a business or you work from home, the attic can become a great office where you can work peacefully away from the agitation in the house. Here is how you can create a home office in the attic so you can capitalize every space in your house and enjoy your personal working space.

Install air heaters and coolers

Throughout the year, the attic office will require both a heating and a cooling system that will allow you to relax and enjoy a pleasant ambiance. The air conditioner might seem like a good idea, but it’s expensive and adds too much to your electricity bill. For cooling the air, a better option would be a tower fan that is compact so you will save space and very energy saving since it spreads the air on a wide area. The reviews written by will come in handy when choosing the tower fan for your attic because you need to opt for a device that will successfully handle the room size without being too loud or too energy-consuming. For warmth in the winter, opt for an infrared heater for the same reasons: it’s compact and effective while saving energy.

Create a multi-functional space

If you want to avoid over cluttering the space, limit the furniture to a large desk where you can keep your laptop and optionally some cabinets for extra storage. For more space saving, install wall shelves that will keep all your work in order while saving floor space and limiting the amounts of pieces of furniture used to decorate. Place the desk close to the window or another light source so you will enjoy plenty of light. Your office must also include a cozy chair or a small sofa that will allow you to relax while not working at the computer. Many people choose to create separate areas that divide the working and the relaxation space so the attic office will become more functional.

Choose light and soothing colors

Choosing the colors you like for your attic home office is purely based on personal preferences, however, we suggest that you use light colors that will make the room look wider and brighter. Considering that you will need to have plenty of light and you will probably have only one or two small windows, avoid darkening the room using dark paint colors. Still, you can add a touch of color with decorations like sofa pillows, a small rug or a beautiful plant. If the attic is made of wood, keep its natural aspect using a quality wood lacquer and maintain the same pattern in all the other design items.

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