How to Attract More Customers at a Local Spa

29 Sep , 2017  

All people care about the way they look, and they want to maintain a good health as well. These are the reasons why a spa can be a very successful business. But this will happen only if you take care of all the details and attract customers to your joint. Therefore, if you own a spa and you want to learn how to attract more customers, read the following lines.

Invest in quality equipment

Modern beauty equipment can make the difference between you and your competition, so you shouldn’t skimp on these investments. Try to buy pieces of equipment that combine various features. For example, a pedicure chair with a full body massage feature can be a big crowd pleaser. For some inspiration, take a look at the JA USA Pedicure Chairs. Not only do they have a lot of modern features, but they also abide by the highest sanitation standards. This is another important aspect to consider, as modern equipment is usually a lot easier to clean and sanitize. Aside from the pedicure thrones, there are many other types of equipment that you can consider such as modern infrared saunas, luxurious Jacuzzi baths and so on.

Make sure you have everything that your clients desire

When you think about a spa, the first things that come to your head are massages, saunas, and yoga. For you to attract customers to your local spa, you have to make sure that you’re providing them with all the services that they need. First off, you have to make sure that you hire professional masseurs and therapists to deal with all types of massages. Some customers might come to the spa because they have medical problems. Therefore, they need special care that only a professional can offer. Of course, those who simply need massages for relaxation or beauty purposes need to be tended to by professional masseurs as well. To ensure that you offer a complete pack of services to your customers, make sure that you have infrared saunas that they can use and that you have trainers that hold yoga and meditation courses. The infrared saunas will provide your customers with the detox sessions that they surely need. Also, the yoga and meditation classes will help them relax their bodies and their minds.

Promote your spa on Facebook

If you want for your business to have the success that it deserves, you have to promote it on the biggest social media platform out there, which is Facebook. Create a Facebook page for your business and link it to your existing account. Talk to the people from your Facebook contact list and ask them to add your business’s page to their accounts. This way, more and more people will notice the existence of your spa, and a part of them will surely give your services a try. But for them to be tempted to come to your spa, you have to make a complete description of it on the Facebook page. Therefore, make sure that you include into the Facebook page of your spa details about all the services that you have to offer, the prices, and the equipment that you use. Also, make sure that you update the information when changes happen.

Offer generous discounts and promotions

One of the strongest strategies to gain more customers is to use word of mouth. But people won’t be talking about your spa only due to the fact that it’s complete and it has professional masseurs. You have to offer promotions and discounts that will inevitably make people talk about your business to their friends. Therefore, make sure that you treat your loyal customers differently and that you offer them special discounts on their subscriptions. Also, offer discounts before summer comes to attract customers among those who want to make sure that they will look perfect when they will get to wear a bathing suit.

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