How does corporate identity sound? Do you need it?

8 Feb , 2019  

When you have decided to become an entrepreneur, you might have considered corporate identity something a little bit too corporate for you, because you have decided to run a start-up and not an international brand. Well, you should not allow these fancy terms to deter you; you need to share your brand with the world, and to develop an identity for your brand. And if it is called corporate identity, the better, you will manage to do something that will project you on a competitive market with numerous clients. When say corporate identity, you say, business cards, letterheads, logos, web design, social media, colours, taglines, and all related jazz. And it is more than this, it expands to the way your employees are dressing, to the way the business cars are looking and at the style used to decorate your office.

Corporate identity relies on certain main elements, and it is important to discuss about them.

Your logo

Your logo is the image people have in mind when they hear the name of your business. When you say Nike, you have in mind the picture of the swoosh. The logo is the ones that become the iconic symbol of a business. Therefore, you have to decide what logo you want to use to represent your company. In case you need inspiration, you can find examples on Make sure to discuss with an expert, if you have no idea how to design your logo.

Your website

Nowadays a business has 0 chances to succeed if it does not have a website. The website of the company is the one that shares content and information with your public and it establishes your online presence. Your logo should be incorporated into the design of the website. If you want to design a logo that works on your website, you should contact a company like Mandreel, to have professionals who support you in the process.

Office décor, vehicles and uniforms

Many people call themselves entrepreneurs, but if you want to run a successful business, you have to learn how to grow your organisation. The entrance in your office should help people create a first impression of your business, and its values. When purchasing business cars make sure that they come in the same colour as the logo, or in a colour that allows you to highlight the logo, when incorporating it in their design. The uniforms of the employees should represent your business, you can use your team as your brand ambassadors, and a well-designed uniform can do more than you can imagine.

Social media

Your website together with your social media pages will help you reach your clients, and keep them up to date with your products and efforts. You should focus your inline efforts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. They are the trendiest networks of the moment. It is important to create the same constant image on all social media pages, and to share the same message.



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