Here is a list of gifts for co-workers you will want to keep

3 Jan , 2019  

Even if you are spending at least 8 hours daily with your co-workers, it does not mean that you know them too well, when it comes to their personal preferences. You have a professional relationship, but this does not help you, when you have to buy them a gift. Because you keep your relationship strictly professional, you may end up buying them a boring gift, like a Starbucks gift card. However, offering them a gift they do not like, may damage your relationship, so you should put some effort, to find something they would love to receive.

A massage device

You already know how stressful some days can be at the office. They will be really thankful if you offer them a mean to relax. A massage device is perfect for being used both at the office and at home. It is similar with having your personal masseuse available at every moment of the day.

A llama desk duster

If your co-worker loves llamas, they will definitely let your know. If you pay attention to these details, then you can check online, llama inspired objects. A llama desk duster is perfect for the persons who want to keep their desk clean, and who want to do it in style. Pair the duster with a bottle of wine, placed is one of the festive bottle bags, and you have the perfect gift. 

A desktop golf set

If your so-worker is passionate about golf, then you should consider this idea of gift. It will allow them to take their hobby at the office, and they will definitely be grateful that you have paid attention to their preferences. They will be able to maintain their effectiveness at the office, while practicing they hobby, because a real eighteen hole game takes a lot of time.

A coffee mug warmer

Is your colleague a heavy coffee drinker? Then this is the perfect gift for them, because it is nothing worse than cold coffee. It is an affordable gift, you can easily find on the market. It will keep their cup of coffee steaming all morning long, and it will help them keep their energy level up.


People love to have their own green spot on their desk, and you can help your co-worker bring their home-garden to the office with a set of assorted succulents. There plants are perfect for an office space, because they require a small space on the desk.



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