Choosing a cause to support through your business

26 May , 2018  

Businesses that are committed to a social cause attain good outcomes. Why? Social responsibility is getting a lot of attention and consumers expect and even demand companies to change their practices. If you too want to succeed, you should dedicate yourself to a social cause. But which one? There are so many issues affecting individuals within the society that it’s hard to choose just one. A good match results in a fulfilling partnership, while a mismatch can lead to disaster. As you can see, giving back isn’t easy. Continue reading to learn how to pick a social cause that makes sense.

Make your business values perfectly clear

Your company stands for core principles and values. That is the reason why it’s so special. If you’re at a loss when it comes to choosing a social cause to support, then take a look at your mission statement. The mission statement summarizes the values and objectives of your company. Clarifying your business values will help you understand the association between your organization and the prospective partner. Simply put, you’ll be able to identify your aims a lot faster.

Determine why you want to support a social cause

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about why you want to support a social cause through your business? We know that you want to make customers happy, but that can’t be the only reason. The vast majority of people decide to raise money for issues having negative consequences on society because they are close to their hearts. Take Dr. Moshe Kantor, for example. He is an avid supporter of health, a cause he is passionate about. Dr. Moshe Kantor actively supports an organization that does revolutionary work for children and families dealing with mental health issues. We’re talking about the Ana Freud Centre. If you want to find out more about Dr. Moshe Kantor’s work, visit his Twitter page. As for you, figure out why you want to incorporate fundraising into your business.

Do your research

You’re not the type of company with a brand image that aligns itself with a particular social problem. Simply put, things are harder for you. Before making a decision, do your research. There is a non-profit organization out there that desperately needs your help. Prior to making a decision, do some research. Look into aspects like organizational history, financial health, and, most importantly, transparency. Accountability is of paramount importance when funding a non-profit organization. Why? You may ask. Well, you need guarantee that your money will be well-spent. A reliable organization will clearly define its mission and have measurable goals.

Giving back is an essential part of doing business. When it comes to choosing products or services, consumers take into consideration whether or not the brand is linked to a social cause. Nonetheless, customers aren’t the only ones you should care about. You should care about society. Whether you like it or not, you’re connected to other people. Plus, giving back is a nice thing to do.



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