5 Traits that All Great Managers Possess

10 Mar , 2016  

It’s not easy to be in a position of leadership, that’s for sure. But it’s expected that when you are in a position of power you will have more responsibilities as well. If you want to learn how to be a great manager, read the following lines to find out which are the 5 traits that you must possess.

1. Accountability

It’s extremely important for a leader to know when and how to assume what he has wronged. Getting the job done won’t always turn out well. You or someone else might slip up. As a manager, you have to embrace the fact that you will be accountable for all your actions, and sometimes for the actions of the people who work for you as well. Therefore, always remember that a great leader is one who isn’t afraid to admit when he is wrong.

2. Character

Another important trait that a great manager must possess is character. The subordinates of any manager must see him as a person of legitimate character and integrity in order for things to go well. You have to make those who work for you trust you and care for you without being a figure of authority that they fear, but rather respect. Otherwise, you will become a disease for the business that you work for, the people working for you seeing you as a person who can’t be trusted.

3. Patience

It takes a lot of patience to be a good manager. Those who are in your subordination will eventually slip up. You must have patience with them and explain what they have wronged without being rough when you approach the discussion. After all, we are all human and we make mistakes. But it’s up to you as a figure of authority to understand and handle the situation properly. Without patience, you will end up being aggressive toward the people who work for you, and instead of actually teaching them something you will make them fear you.

4. Transparency

A great manager won’t sugarcoat things. He will have the guts to see things for what they are and take action accordingly. No matter the situation you are faced with, you have to learn to be transparent and honest. Although, be careful to not overreact when you speak and make sure that you’re not being aggressive in your behaviour.

5. A positive attitude

A positive attitude is contagious, to say the least. If you come to work smiling and being positive, your behaviour will rub off on the people you lead. They will do their tasks out of pleasure, not out of obligation. Therefore, make sure that you leave your problems at home when you arrive to work and enter the door with a big smile on your face to make others feel happy as well.

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