How does corporate identity sound? Do you need it?

8 Feb , 2019  

When you have decided to become an entrepreneur, you might have considered corporate identity something a little bit too corporate for you, because you have decided to run a start-up and not an international brand. Well, you should not allow these fancy terms to deter you; you need to share your brand with the world, […]


Is outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping a good option for your business?

29 Jan , 2019  

Focusing on your business’ bottom line and on the tasks that allow you to reach growth and expansion can be difficult when you have so many other routine responsibilities to stay on top of. Beekeeping and accounting are two of the things that require time and expertise, and having a team of employees hired for […]

Office Ideas

How to survive an office remodel

14 Jan , 2019  

If you have a lease for your office, then you should always know when the expiration date is, because you want to make sure that you have found another place where to move, to continue your work. It is important the office space to fit your budget and work requests. There are multiple aspects you […]


Here is a list of gifts for co-workers you will want to keep

3 Jan , 2019  

Even if you are spending at least 8 hours daily with your co-workers, it does not mean that you know them too well, when it comes to their personal preferences. You have a professional relationship, but this does not help you, when you have to buy them a gift. Because you keep your relationship strictly […]


Building a business office – what does it take?

21 Dec , 2018  

The most difficult part when building an office is to decide how to design it. If you plan to move your office, then you will have two options. You can rent or buy an existing office, and you can restore it according to your needs, or you can build it from scratch. It depends on […]


Running a restaurant is simpler than you think

5 Nov , 2018  

You can make a lot of money if you decide to open a restaurant and you manage it good. Taking a lesson from most famous restaurant owners that started low and reached the top by investing their time, effort and patience into it will lead you to success. This short article will teach you more […]

Office Ideas

How to surprise your employees on their birthdays?

31 Oct , 2018  

If you are running a small company, then it is quite easy for you to recognise your employees’ milestones and accomplishments. When your company will grow, you will find difficult to keep up with these aspects, and you will slowly start to consider that your employees are not doing anything special. When you run a […]


How can you help an employee with a substance abuse problem?

25 Oct , 2018  

When you are running or managing a company the most difficult situation, you can deal with, is one of your employees to develop a substance addiction. Even if all businesses have a clear drug and alcohol policy, and you conduct regular drug testing, you cannot fire a person who definitely needs help. But when you […]


Business Tips for Those Who Want to Start Their Own Enterprise

30 Jul , 2018  

Aspiring entrepreneurs are oftentimes discouraged at the thought of starting their own companies. And while the fear is legitimate, it can be overcome with a little help and guidance from the professionals out there that have a better idea on how to proceed in such cases. They are able to offer a better insight into […]


1031 like-kind exchanges: A business owner’s take

19 Jun , 2018  

Imagine the following situation: you’ve purchased rental property and struggled to get the rents up, while at the same time keeping the expenses low. Things have worked out great. The rental property is profitable and you’re looking forward to selling it. You swipe your property tax-free in a like-kind exchange. Basically, you don’t pay capital […]


Choosing a cause to support through your business

26 May , 2018  

Businesses that are committed to a social cause attain good outcomes. Why? Social responsibility is getting a lot of attention and consumers expect and even demand companies to change their practices. If you too want to succeed, you should dedicate yourself to a social cause. But which one? There are so many issues affecting individuals […]


Selling your house to fund your company

18 May , 2018  

Setting up a business is a scary and intimidating prospect. It’s no wonder that many people steer away from this. They are afraid of the unknown. If you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, don’t forget about all the benefits that go along with starting a business, such as flexibility, control, and making money. To establish […]